Midnight Premiere Review of Spider-Man: Homecoming

Peter Parker was every one of us in high school dealing with school, crushes, and possibly the most uncomfortable “meeting your dates father” encounter ever. The only difference I find in this 15 year-old, sophomore’s experience from, what I would call, our shared high school experience, is that he so happens to be Queen’s very own “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

Besides my biased against Spider-Man, who is arguably my least favorite comic character, there were moments I truly enjoyed:

  1. Tony Stark’s obvious daddy issues and his desperate attempt to father Peter Parker. Always showing up to save the day. Tony Stark reveals his nurturing side while mentoring Peter Parker; showing us how Tony Stark really is the daddy we all dream of.
  2. Karen, the Spider-Man’s personally installed Siri in suit, shares some saucy and flirtatious remarks, encouraging Peter through his discovery of dating and girls.
  3. Finally, spoiler alert: Spider-Man: Homecoming had the greatest and most awkward and uncomfortable “I am the Father” reveal since Star Wars. I won’t comment anymore so you will be just as shocked as the rest of the theatre was, as we all shared a collective gasp.

Overall the movie was what you would expect Marvel to produce with some gasp worthy moments. I often found myself cringing in my seat due to second hand embarrassment. But, Marvel did nail with complete accuracy, the awkwardness we all faced at that age. All in all, it was a great summer release for Marvel, that was both relatable and personal; while maintaining the superhero action most of us came to see. Plus the lacking and refrain of extensive multi-billion dollar property damage was refreshing and appreciated.


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