Fall Out Boy’s New Single ‘Champions’

After Fall Out Boy released their first single off their newly anticipated album M A N I A, ‘Young and Menace,’ I was at first shocked by the EDM sounding track. Sure it was a great bumper… but was it Fall Out Boy? After listening to the song more and more in my car stuck traffic, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this new wave of electronic dance rock; the only description that feels fitting to this hard hitting song.

Now, Fall Out Boy has released their second single off the record, ‘Champions’ and it could not be clearer; the emo band we loved so much back in 2000 is evolving toward the future of rock and alternative. Fall Out Boy is blurring the lines between music genres and nothing has ever sounded so right.

Accompanying their new single ‘Champions’, a visualizer music video was released on June 22, 2017 to Youtube. The video features the same dopey friendly monster (that seemed to have escaped from our favorite childhood book, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’) from the ‘Young and Menace’ video, along with rapper Post Malone, who has been raising in popularity with his track ‘Congratulations’ featuring Quavo. With Brendon Urie making a guest appearance in ‘Young and a Menace’ and now Post Malone in ‘Champion’ it will be exciting to see who else Pete Wentz recruits to be in the next upcoming single video release. That is if Fall Out Boy will grant us more.

The M A N I A album is set to drop on September 15 and promises to be something special. And tickets for The M A N I A Tour with blackbear are on sale now at https://falloutboy.com/tour.

Watch the official ‘Champions’ visualizer here: https://youtu.be/6ub9su42mZo


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